Below is a demonstration mock-up of the TROOPS tool, simulating how it and its pop-up item
definitions would appear in an electronic medical record or web-based interface.
Tracking and Reporting Outcomes
Of Procedural Sedation (TROOPS)
A standardized quality improvement tool from the
International Committee for the Advancement of Procedural Sedation i
No adverse events during sedation or recovery (form completed)
Yes, unplanned interventions or outcomes occurred (check all that apply below)
IntermediateSentinelSuspected Etiology
Airway / Breathing
Positive pressure ventilation i
Naloxone or flumazenil
Oral airway
Tracheal intubation
Neuromuscular blockade
Pulmonary aspiration i
Apnea i
Respiratory depression i
Upper airway obstruction i
Laryngospasm i
Bolus IV fluids
Vasoactive drug administration
Chest Compressions
Cardiac arrest
Anticonvulsant administration
Neurological deficit
Seizure or seizure-like movements
Sedation Quality & Patient Experience Outcomes
Sedation insufficient
Escalation of care or hospitalization i
Provider dissatisfied
Patient/family dissatisfied
Patient active resistance or need for restraint i
Sedation complication
Paradoxical response i
Unpleasant recovery reaction/agitation i
Unpleasant recall
INTERMEDIATE items can endanger patients if not promptly managed, or reflect suboptimal sedation quality or patient experience and warrant timely reporting with peer scrutiny.
SENTINEL items are life-threatening and warrant immediate reporting and the highest level of peer scrutiny.